Friday, April 8, 2011

Buddy Love

Today I went over to my friend Jerusalem's house to visit her and her son Eli. Taft and Eli are 3 months apart and I am thinking they are going to be best buds. It was so fun to watch them "play" together. I love how Taft won't stop watching Eli's hand...I am sure he is trying to suck on it! Sorry about the upside down video...not so sure what happened. Thanks Jerusalem and Eli for a great afternoon!!!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

3 months and catching up!

Wow! I have been so lame about updating my blog...I promise I will get better : ) Right now T is sleeping so I thought I would put out a double out! Anyway, just wanted to get his 3 month picture out there. I can't believe that he is 3 months!
I would say that this last month has been the hardest for me but more on that later along with a special visist from Grammie!
My little boy is growing up...

First Road Trip

A couple weeks ago Stephen and I took our first road trip to St. Louis with Taft! I was a little nervouse about being in the car for 5 hours but Taft did a great job for being stuck in a car seat most of the time. We had a few melt downs and had to stop for awhile to walk around but all in all it wasn't as bad as I thought it might be : )
It was wonderful to be in STL and see family and friends! Of course my parents were excited to see Taft since the last time they saw him was when he was born. My mom set up her sewing room for Taft and of course made it feel cozy and special for him

It was so nice to have the extra help and to just be home for the weekend. Also, Taft got to meet Grandma ReRe which was really special. I am so thankful that she got to see her great grandson and hear that he was named after her husband. It was a special moment.

Time with Grandpa
Grandma ReRe

4 generations

Taft also got to meet his cousin Ben and Annie and Uncle. I also got to introduce him to my sweet friend Erin who brought her kids over for a visit...I wish we would have gotten a picture!

Cousin Ben (can't wait to meet the other cousins!)

I am looking forward to more trips down to STL in the future!!