Tuesday, November 9, 2010

To name or not to name...

This past weekend Stephen and I went up to the Northwoods of Wisconsin for a get-away/lets take time to actually name our son. Family friends of ours have a cabin about a mile away from Honey Rock (the camp that Stephen and I both went to as a child and I also worked at through college).
Our friends cabin sits on Long Lake and is surrounded by woods. This was our view for the weekend.
I always forget how beautiful it is up there. I love the slow pace of life and that its a big deal to "go into town"...like an event. I just love that! We pretty much stayed put the entire weekend. Sitting in front of the fire, reading and talking was what we did. Friday afternoon we headed into Three Lakes (the town) to pick up french bread for dinner. We also stopped at a used book store and looked through the kid's books. We found a ton of books that brought back memories from when we were kids. Like this one...
We grabbed this and also walked away with 6 other books. 
Saturday we walked over to Honey Rock and spent 2 hours walking around and talking about our camp experience and revisiting all our favorite places around camp. 

 It was crazy to see how much things have changed there but also comforting to see some old familiar things that have not changed a bit. Honey Rock had a big impact on both of our lives. It really helped define and create Stephen's love for the outdoors as well as mine but on a deeper level... for me it was when I really experienced what a true relationship with the Lord was. Walking around I could remember specific conversations, relationships, people that impacted my life and ultimately demonstrated to me what being a Christ follower truly was. I also remembered some painful times in my life that I experience while I was there but also times of great joy. It was so amazing to be there with my husband and reflect on where we were at those times in our life and see where we are now. We chuckled thinking about how we would hopefully be walking around with our kids one day hearing about all their experiences at camp. Notice the paved road!

So that brings us to the other part of our trip...naming our child! I am sad to say that we still do not have a name picked out. Let's just plop that one at the top of our "to do list". We did narrow down some names that we liked but as far as one standing out and having that moment of "that's IT"...Lets just say that didn't really happen. I am hoping it will just come to us at some point. Maybe during birth?

Monday, November 8, 2010

32 weeks and counting...

Today I am 32 weeks pregnant. That means I have 7 weeks, give or take, left until we meet this little boy...can you believe it?!?! Because I can't. I think I have reached the point of panic (which I said I wouldn't) where I am realizing everything that I have left to do. Lets just name a few...put the crib together, finish the nursery, Christmas shop, pack my hospital bag, get the car seat, get some nursing bras, write out the birth plan, PICK A NAME! Not to mention keep reading and preparing myself for being a mom. I think I need to take a 7 week vacation so that I can get this all done.
Now lets revisit a time when I didn't have a care in the world and was just happily going about my day being pregnant...Here are some pregnancy pics from 23 weeks that my amazingly creative talented brother in law Weston took for me!. Look how happy and non-stressed I am : )

 Thank you Weston! It was so fun to see pics of my belly.
(Disclaimer: Now I realize that I am being dramatic and that all you other moms before me have been at this point and done just fine. I know I will get done what needs to be done and what isn't done will just have to wait and all will be fine...just don't tell me that everything will be fine...I don't want to hear that right now!)