Wednesday, August 3, 2011

7 months

Taft turned 7 months at the end of July. July 31st to be exact. I feel like time is flying! Everyone tells you that you blink and your kids are all grown up and I am starting to believe them. I feel like I don't always notice how much Taft is changing till I take these pictures and look at them. He is getting so big! At his 6.5 month appointment he weighed 19.3 lbs and was 27 in long...WHAT?!?
So here is the little man...growing up fast. It never fails that the sign does not last long. Maybe thats why he is 19 lbs...he puts EVERYTHING in his mouth.

Look at that stinker! I hardly had time to snap the picture before...

Lets try something different...

One more try...

Are you kidding me mom!

Ah-Ha! I'll show you
Ok...mommy will stop. Lets just play...

Can't believe another month has passed.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Chair Project

So, I have been dying to re-paint my dinning room chairs for awhile now but sometimes its hard to find the time or extra hands to do it. Well having Grammy here for a week was very beneficial not only for Taft but for myself as well. She is such a GO GETTER and she helps motivate me to do things while Taft is asleep instead of taking a nap myself...sometimes she let me rest though : ) My dad was also a huge help when it came to sanding everything down...what wonderful parents I have!!!
I have also been wanting to get two "head" chairs for my table with arms. Thanks to Craigslist I found these guys for $5 a piece! Can't go wrong there.

After driving 30 min to pick them up and having the lady tell me her entire life story (thank you Taft for crying and rescuing us from a very awkward situation) these ugly, but have potential chairs, were mine!
So while my parents were here we knocked these chairs out and got to recovering and painting them.
Took off the faux leather and added some more padding

Stappled the new fabric over the cushion

New cusion for my craigslist chairs!

We even had a little helper : )

Mom starting to paint the chairs

Two done! 6 more to go. This is one of the new chairs and one of the chairs I already had. It was a process with all those spindles. The good news is the color was awesome and my mom took the rest of it home to repaint the guest bathroom!

The end look.
So I have two of these chairs on either end of the table and my existing chairs on either side.
Here is a picture of the table now

I am so happy that we got this done. It just gives the room a little more cheer!! Thanks Mom and Dad for all your help!!