Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Update Overdue

So now that I have shared about my new camera, I also have a new goal...BE MORE CONSISTENT WITH MY BLOG!!!! I thought the best way to start would be to give an update on Taft, my sweet 21 month old. I can't even believe that 2 is right around the corner. Where has the time gone?

Taft has a personality of his own. He is curious, tender, thoughtful, funny, creative, and stubborn. He loves to draw, go for bike rides, look at Ottis (our "pet" praying mantis), blow bubbles, color with chalk, watch videos of himself from Grammy and Pop-Pop camp, play with trains, build block towers, play with Grammy's ipad, read books, play with trucks, watch for school buses, mow the lawn with daddy, jump on the neighbors trampoline, go to the park, and help empty the silverware from the dishwasher. He can say mama, daddy, ice, lawnmower, vacuum, "T", "O", "X" (thank you Uncle Michael!), "D"...we are still working on that one and uh-o, normal first words...he is his own little person! He can hiss like a snake, say quack-quack, moo, and something that resembles "arff-arff".

When he is mad he throws himself on the floor and rolls around...Most of the time acquiring a rug burn in the process. If you hurt his feelings his will bury his face in his hands and make a deep sigh...of course you feel terrible in an instant! He hates to take pictures and NEVER smiles. If he gets really excited about something he will make this hilarious face and go "OOOOHHHHH" (kinda like what he is doing in the pictures below! I had to say chocolate to even get him to make somewhat of a cute face for this pic!)

His three favorite things are his blankie, NUK, and mini chocolate covered peanut butter cups from Trader Joe's. He loves to take vitamins and would eat yogurt all day long if I let him. He also loves pickles and olives...a true sign of being a Heyse : )

Today we went to one of his favorite places (Hickory Knoll Discovery Center). They have snakes, a bunny you can pet, a huge tank with fish and turtles, wooded walking paths, a wig-wham, canoe and a sandbox filled with tiny rocks. It was a perfect day to spend time with my little man!
Hissing like a snake : )

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  1. I want to eat him up! And that sweater:) love you guys, Zach and Hannah