Monday, October 29, 2012

Trick or Treat and Camping

So the Thursday before Halloween the local businesses in our area host a couple hours of trick or treating. Since we are going to be gone on Halloween I thought it would be fun to let Taft participate. He did have a really cute pumpkin costume but since it was 80 degrees we had to go with a plan B. He didn't really understand what was going on but he did enjoy the candy he got!

We were also joined by one of Taft's favorite buddies Rowin (or as Taft calls him..RO RO) and his mom Julie. These two are so sweet together!!
Rowin trying to snag some candy!

Then on Saturday we left for a night of camping. We figured this would be the last weekend we could get away with it before it got to cold...well it was plenty COLD! 28 degrees to be exact! Good thing I packed the heater and we snagged the last electrical site. Never thought I would be a camper to stay at an electrical site but I was glad we did it that night : )
Setting up.
After a day of biking our friends Dan and Leslie and their kids joined us for steaks on the fire and wine.
Blankie and Nuk escaped from the car for a quick lawn mower push...stinker!
Sweet hus!
Daddy and Taft going for a walk with the lawn mower...Taft's favorite toy as of late! Great weekend!!

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  1. Look at that sweet face......( Taft of course) I love his RED camping nose !! He definitely is getting primed to NEVER live in the hot south!