Friday, November 30, 2012


I take life for granted. I forget often that there is such a fine balance between life and death. Today was a hard day for me. This week has been busy with projects, work, life, Christmas.You know, the usual! On top of that my mom was heading up to stay with us because my uncle, her brother, who was diagnosed with blood cancer a couple months ago was not doing well. He went to the hospital the other day and after some tests, transfusions, etc. they said that there was nothing more they could do. So now we are in a waiting game...waiting for death. Wow, that is hard!
Today I was faced with the experience of living with someone that has so much life but faced with the reality that life is fleeting and at some point comes to an end. I feel like it is on days like this that I realize how thankful I am for a Savior that knows your days and that I know I will be with him at some point.
As I was washing the dishes I was thinking about this tonight...
Taft today did the sweetest thing...we were trying to get out the door...always a process! And I was getting frustrated because he wasn't holding still as I was dressing him. At one point I stopped put my head in my hands and took a deep breath (you know as opposed to yelling at him to hold still). He got up put his arms around me and said "MaMa" as he patted my back gently. WOW! What a sweet moment. In the midst of my craziness my toddler found a way to just make me stop, take a deep breath and realize that everything was going to be ok...not great but ok. That was all I needed. ALL I NEEDED to remind me that my days are not my own that my life should reflect the Lord at all costs and at all times!! That at some point in my life I will be in my final day and want to know that I have served, loved and given grace freely. That at the end of the day its not about how much I have accomplished or what I have done but how I have loved my sweet son, my husband, my family, strangers. I needed the Lord to show up today and he the arms of my son. Wow! I love it when he does that for me and I feel like it has been awhile since that has happened. I am so thankful for that today! 

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  1. Thanks for this sweet post Keresa! It's a great reminder as we enter December and the craziness of Christmas to keep our eyes and focus on Jesus!